Artist Guidelines

Guidelines & Requirements for Display of Artwork at Cafe Strudel

  • All artists seeking to show artwork at Cafe Strudel must send a digital portfolio to be reviewed by management for approval.
  • All artists selected to display art in Cafe Strudel are required to display a framed biography with any pieces to be shown. Biography must include name and photo (self portrait), brief description (of artists’ formal or informal training, influences, inspirations, etc.), brief description of exhibit if applicable, and contact information (email, website, facebook, instagram, mailing address, etc.).
  • ALL artwork that is displayed at Cafe Strudel will have an asking price clearly displayed next to said artwork; if not for sale, the piece will be clearly marked as NFS. It is highly recommended that price plaques also include the name of the piece and/or media used in the creation of the piece.
  • Art is displayed for a period not to exceed 60 days; if agreed to by both parties, contract for an additional 60 days may be renewed.
  • Cafe Strudel will collect a one time hanging fee at the time of artwork display; see Schedule of Fees for wall space hanging fees. In the event of contract renewal after 60 days, an additional hanging fee will be required for the additional 60 day period.
  • Cafe Strudel will collect and hold for the artist any monies from sale of displayed artwork, less a 20% handling fee. Transactions for art will be cash only.
  • Cafe Strudel assumes no liability for damaged or stolen artwork. We will at all times strive to ensure the safety and care of your artwork, but cannot guarantee it.
  • Cafe Strudel assumes no liability for artwork left after completion of show. Artwork left on the premises will be either donated and/or disposed of promptly, unless arrangements are made to the contrary. No exceptions.

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